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  • Eat that Frog – A Contemporary Approach to Time Management

    Mark Twain once said – “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”. As yuck as it sounds, there is a deep meaning behind this which still goes on to rule the modern world. The world has undergone drastic changes over these years in terms of digitization, economy, professionalism, working culture etc. But the underlying essence of what this renowned author once said, still holds true, of course, in its modern-day form now.

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    This article talks about an effective productivity method or a time management method that is named after the old saying. This productivity approach is named ‘Eat the frog’ and has turned out to be one of the most popular ones today, in enhancing productivity and managing time with effectiveness.

    The Terminology of ‘Eat the Frog’ – How Did It Origin?

    The very first question that arises in our mind is ‘why a frog?’, something that brings a frown or ugly feeling on your face. Not to worry! Eat the frog meaning is not about actually eating a frog. In this case, a frog indicates the task that we fear the most or tend to postpone it because we are not keen to do it. It means the most important task that you may be deferring due to various reason. What Mark Twain meant was that you must take up such tasks first and attempt to finish them so that your mind is then free to think of the rest.

    Based on this, years later, Brian Tracy wrote a life-changing Eat the Frog book on productivity – ‘Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time’ that talks about confronting your most difficult task (the frog) first in the day and arranging the day in such a way that you can, on a positive note, zero in all your important tasks and achieve them effectively. This, according to him, is the best way to garner happiness and success in life and hence one of the ideal ways to proper time management. He also shows different approaches to implement it in our daily lives

    The hardest part of any important task is getting started on it in the first place. Once you actually begin work on a valuable task, you seem to be naturally motivated to continue.”

    Brian Tracy

    Eat the Frog – Target Audience

    This technique is meant for all those who are handing businesses and looking for faster and accurate means to enhance their productivity levels and manage time to its best. All those who are handling multiple projects simultaneously, having deadlines all through the week, are not used to a fixed schedule, have problems maintaining focus on tasks or prioritizing them are a perfect fit to implement the ‘Eat the Frog’ approach.

    Identification of Frogs

    It is a tough call to ascertain which of our daily tasks can be considered as frogs, i.e. must be prioritized, and performed early. These tasks are such that we would be avoiding them due to some reason, as mentioned below:

    A frog could be

    • An extremely difficult or boring task
    • A time-consuming task
    • A seemingly unachievable task

    Different Ways You Can Eat the Frog to Get Best of Results

    There are different ways you can choose to implement effective ways to eat the frog, i.e. give priority to your most important or complicated task, here are they:

    • Develop a habit of ‘eating the frog’ on a regular basis
    • Have a positive attitude filled with confidence and accuracy
    • Set short-term and long-term objectives and monitor their achievement
    • Don’t go always by the short routes, they usually tend to fool you
    • Put in desired efforts in completing any tasks, hard work always pays
    • Have one frog at a time – in case of multiple complicated or tough tasks, choose the one with maximum severity and do that first
    • Possess self-discipline in such a way that don’t leave the task till it achieves desired results
    • Don’t just plan and think, implement actions immediately to get outcome
    • Master the art of planning through various planning tools
    • Segregate and divide major tasks into smaller chunks
    • If possible, plan for the frog the previous day
    • Fulfil the 80-20 rule – get 80% of your results from 20% of your work

    Key Advantages of ‘Eating the Frog’

    • Creates a positive and encouraging attitude
    • Instils confidence in completing other tasks during the day
    • Simplifies the work of prioritizing tasks
    • Manages time effectively and lets you perform more activities
    • Stimulates a deep work habit
    • Helps in planning your day in advance
    • Makes sure that you set your own schedule
    • Complete leverage of working hours
    • Flexible and simple to understand and use

    Eat the Frog – The Process

    • From amongst the list of tasks, find out the frog
    • If the frog is too big, break it down into smaller tasks
    • Work on your ‘frog’ as early as possible
    • Achieve success in completing the ‘frog’ task
    • Shift focus on the other activities and if needed, choose yet another frog
    • Repeat this activity everyday in the morning and stay adamant on not leaving this cycle

    There are many software applications that help in implementing this technique. For e.g., Clockify, Todoist etc. are good time management systems that helps implement ‘Eat the Frog’ approach.

    As a routine guiding assumption, it is a good idea to implement this technique with a positive attitude. Though ‘Eat the Frog’ has many pros, there are certain gray areas that is has. It makes the start of the day quite a tough one. It may act impractical and rigid for certain cases in which case it may not get the desired results.

    But the underlying message that it conveys is valuable. If you wish to succeed in your life, you must learn to take immediate and required action without overthinking much. Nevertheless, there are many advantages, and it is surely worth a try!

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